I see your dreams, I see your heart for creating a life full of contentment, I see your struggles and I see your hustle. I see you working late into the night and early in the morning – doing whatever it takes to do to bring your dreams to life all while striving to serve others (clients, family, peers, yourself) well. I see you because I am you. 

After years of collecting degrees (2 bachelors, 2 masters, and ½ a doctorate), I stopped and asked myself what is it that I really want most in life? Am I pursuing a life that reflects my heartfelt dreams or something prescribed by others? It wasn’t until I realized I was tired of chasing the dreams of others and ready to be the captain of my own ship that I took action. 

If you are a dreamer, a doer, a never-give-upper – then you better believe you’re an achiever! If you’ve got gumption, perseverance, heart and are ready to hit the ground running, you’ve landed in the right place friend. Together, let’s stop chasing and start making those big, bold, beautiful dreams a reality today! 

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1:1 mentoring


Personalized guidance for aspiring event planners designed to meet you right where you are 

Think mastermind meet one on one business coaching with the goal of up leveling your business and helping you reach those big bold beautiful dreams 


Sharing heartfelt guidance, actionably strategic content, and honest insight to empower your audience with the tools, the companionship, and the encouragement to make their big bold beautiful dreams a reality. 

1:1 mentoring

An individually tailored program is designed for the boss lady eager to make her business dreams reality!  

Do you dream of running a successful event planning business but are unsure of where to start? Do you have big business and personal goals but feel like you are missing strategy to work towards them? Are you overwhelmed by all the entrepreneurial hats and how to strategically convert your efforts into dollar signs? Do you desire to work towards a balance that fuels your personal and professional life? Have you started laying the foundation for your business but are eager to make 2019 your most fruitful year yet? Are you looking for accountability to help support your big dreams for 2019? If you’ve been shaking your head in agreement, then this program has been designed specifically for you. 

What is included: 

- A monthly 60 minute Facetime or Google hangout aimed to allow us to develop tailored action plans for the month ahead, to check in on progress, and to allow for reliable accountability on reaching those big bold dreams 
- Strategically tailored action plans that help you hone in and focus on working towards your monthly vision, dreams, and goals. 
- Bi-weekly accountability check-ins calls aimed at giving you an accessible resource to help you troubleshoot, celebrate, and dream big! 
- Weekly check-ins via email to evaluate progress, set goals for the week ahead, and troubleshoot barriers. 
- Unlimited access via Voxer to help support those everyday questions or ideas!

let's work together

Investment begins at $375.00/month for a minimum of three months. In order to serve you to the best of my ability, I only accept a limited number of mentees per year. I am currently accepting 2 mentees per month with the first mentorship availability starting in January 2019.

Book Today - for a January/February/March 2019 mentorship start date - and you will receive a free bonus strategy session (a 60 minute call & a tailored plan - valued at $450.00) for early December 2018. We will kick start your 2019 goal setting with a plan for how to use December to prepare for your most fruitful year yet! Limited availability! Promotion ends Wednesday, December 12th


A one of a kind program designed to provide accountability, education, resources, coaching through a variety of approaches – all aimed at helping your business soar! 

In the past year have you felt overwhelmed by wearing all the hats required to run your own business? Do you feel like you are constantly chasing your tail and not making much headway? Do you dream of having easy access to affordable tailored business advice, actionable resources, and a group of likeminded business women to support and encourage you? Are you looking for accountability to help support your big dreams for 2019? If you’ve been shaking your head in agreement, then this program has been designed specifically for you. 

What is included: 

- Paired monthly business coaching with mastermind-like discussions – held via webinar (so you can join from the comfort of your home)
- Tailored educational content in the form of articles, podcasts, and blogposts released weekly to the private facebook group (in order to encourage continued growth in between scheduled meeting times)
- Three expert led webinars from industry leaders over the course of a 6-month period (so you can ask the experts your questions and get actionable advice) 
- A pre, and post 45-minute goal setting call with Danielle (to set you up for success both during and after the program)
- And tons of bonus surprise features to support you and your business during and after the program! 

apply to join 

Investment options:

6 month (two options Jan-Jul or Jul-Dec) - $100.00/month 
 12 month - $1100.00/year (payment plans are available) 
 Add on: One day In Person Business Retreat - tentatively planned for July 2019 - $199.00

Book Today and you will receive a free bonus strategy session (a 60 minute call & a tailored plan - valued at $450.00) for early December 2018. We will kick start your 2019 goal setting with a plan for how to use December to prepare for your most fruitful year yet! Limited availability! Promotion ends Wednesday December 12th

foster & flourish

The Power of Engaging StoryTelling That Leads to Tangible Results 

What if we rallied around the struggling entrepreneur - the one who’s spent hours googling, late nights floundering, and days spinning their wheels? What if we supported the momprenuer by showering her with the tools and resources to share her gifts with the world? And what if all it took was that perfect marriage of relatable stories and actionable content to help them realize they aren’t alone and that they too can have that dream they’ve been chasing. 

With a earnest desire to watch others flourish and goal of fostering a supportive community of like-minded individuals - engaging with a community of like-minded individuals, empowering them with inspiration and actionable tools, and watching them flourish through speaking has been at the heart of my business. 

I see the late night hustlers, the mompreneurs answering emails while cooking dinner and holding a baby, and the dreamers who refuse to let failure become part of their vocabulary. I see the movers, shakers, doers, makers, never-give-uppers who are committed to learning the ropes and sharing their talents. I see their struggles, their triumphs, their determination - I see them because I am walking with them - sharing my journey, cheering them on, and fighting for the same joy in life. 

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From Side Hustle To Full Time 
Sharing heartfelt insights and truths on never giving up on the road less traveled and the desire to stop pursuing the dreams of others

On The Continuous Pursuit Of Curiosity  
Sharing why continued education in both the traditional and non-traditional sense helps you flourish as a business owner 

Honest Motherhood 
Sharing an honest glimpse at what entrepreneurship and motherhood look like and how its possible to live a life full of contentment while earesntly pursuing both

Designing Your Most Fruitful Year Yet 
Sharing insights on how to get your business to do more work for you, so you can do more of what you love

my favorite tools & resources

Disclaimer: Some of the links above are affiliate links. However, I only will ever share products or services that I use for my own business and believe are valuable for others, like yourself, to know about! 


This tool is one of the most comprehensive out there for wedding planning specifically. I send contracts directly with clients through this application, generate timelines, keep track of payments, am able to quickly identify the members of a clients vendor team – and that only scratches the surface. Very simply Aisle planner is like an electronic version of the best wedding planning binder out there. The tools allows for the perfect balance of client independence and wedding planner assistance – a balance that is very important to how I run and manage my business. Click the link above to snag your first 30 days are free plus, receive 25% off any plan for your first 3 months!


The perfect project management tool to keep track of all the daily tasks – these include those for clients, those for backend business items, those for content development, those for social media strategy, etc. I never have to guess what is on the do list for the day - or better yet worry about losing a post-it. This tool allows me to communicate seamlessly with my team - so that all those important big and small to do’s are taken care of! 


With all the buzz about automation, this tool has been a serious game changer for posting to Instagram – particularly when the auto-post function became available. As a entrepreneur, we wear many hats - an often daunting task. Finding ways to streamline the various tasks - through tools like Planoly - has helped to bring more balance, made my approach to social media more strategic, and has provided more time to do work in my sweet spot! 


It supports the daily pinning of images to pinterest, an important marketing tool that everyone should be leverage for driving traffic to your site. I have yet to see the impact of this tool/pinterest but with some consistent efforts I hope to have a full report in the months to come. I can tell you it is extremely easy to use – especially with the extension added to your favorite browser – makes scheduling a breeze.


A collection of my past, present and future business reads! Here you will find those books that have found their way to my nightstand and have made a significant impact how I run and manage my business. They have inspired me, provided a wealth of knowledge, and continue to impact the future directions of my business. These resources are much more than a good read - they are life changing! Take a look through the library! 


I know there are a variety of newsletter tools out there but I have found mailchimp to be what works best for my business where it stands today. The drag and drop, template, and list building features are super user-friendly and adding them to social media platforms, and websites is a no brainer!

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